Frequently Asked Questions

We have a LOT of frequently asked questions, so hopefully we’ve managed to answer them all below. Remember that if you have any other queries, you can always contact us directly.

Do you deliver?

Yes, there is a small charge of £4.95 for items under £50 but we do deliver across the UK!

Can I bring my dog into store?

Yes, absolutely! We even encourage it! They do have to be on a lead (even if they’re well behaved) but we would love to see them – we also sell doggy ice cream! 

What time do the Tea Rooms open?

Generally The Rose Tea Rooms (North Wales) are open 10-4; restricted days may apply so please call for details.
The Lavendar Tea Rooms (Conwy) are open 9-4:15 on weekdays and 10-3 on Sundays. 
The Ice Cream Parlour (Peak Village) opens 11-4:30 everyday (in Winter) and then 11-5 everyday (in Summer). 
Moorandas (Royal Quays Garden World) opens 10-5 (Mon-Sat) and 11-5 (Sun). 

Are you able to assist me getting purchases to my car?

Yes, we are happy to help!

Do you take Gift Vouchers?

We do take RHS vouchers as well as our own, we also sell these in stores.

Do you design gardens?

We have garden specialists who can advise with planting, however we do not design them fully.  

Do you have disabled facilities?

Yes, we have access to all areas and toilets.

Do you sell pets?

Our North Wales site has a well-stocked aquatics department and pet care products, but we do not sell birds or mammals.   

What is a perennial?

A plant that lives over two years and usually reflowers annually.

What's the best vegetables for a novice gardener to grow?

Salad leaves, bush tomatoes, potatoes, runner beans and peas! Egg Head Cress gets a special mention – it’s a must-have!

What time of year do I prune my roses?

Late winter is always best, so February – March!

How do I remove moss off my lawn?

Moss killer sprinkled on newly mowed lawns and then left 7-10 days will do the trick, especially when followed up with a vigorous raking.

Do hanging baskets come back next year?

It does depend on what plants you use, but generally they will need repotting.

How do I find out if there are any job vacancies?

We will advertise on our web site but you can always ask in store as well!